TL;DH – E8: Stimulants – “There’s A Pill For That”

This episode of Too Loud; Didn’t Hear is brought to you by coffee, an everyday stimulant that gets us up in the morning, gives us energy & focus throughout the day & keeps us awake at night — because who can say no to a double espresso at 9pm after dinner? Not me.

But what else is out there? And what might your college friends, professional peers & sporting competitors be taking to get an edge over you? Who might require stimulants & who just wants them to feel, well… stimulated!

When is it not okay; considered self-damaging, classed as abuse/addiction or simply ruled-out as cheating? And if its not being freely prescribed, where else do we turn to get our kicks?

Join us as we discuss stimulants & substances.

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