TL;DH – E7: We need to talk about Syria

As the title suggests, in this episode of Too Loud; Didn’t Hear we talk about the conflict in Syria; who’s fighting who, why & what has caused the war to last beyond 7 years.

We attempt to take you through the chronological timeline of events that involve much wrongdoing, response/retaliation, break-away groups forming & intervention from neighbouring countries, as well as overseas foreign backers who’ve been funding & equipping all sides, creating this hotbed of hostility.

The noise generated by the media tends to focus on one or two aspects, but what we’re not hearing is the facts or the reasons as to why this war doesn’t look like ending anytime soon.

Syria has become something of a mess & it’s important you understand why, it’s a subject worth informing yourself about & we hope with a little focus you’re able to get some value out of our discussion on the matter.

What are your feelings on this subject?

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