TL;DH – E4: Control What You Can, Not What You Cannot

In this episode of Too Loud; Didn’t Hear we open up about personal struggle, strife & things we’ve overcome using the Stoicism philosophy of shifting the mind’s focus & energy to control your response to difficult situations, not the difficult situations themselves.

We all get frustrated at trivial things; having no wifi or being stuck in traffic, as well as more serious things; personal insecurity or being diagnosed with a condition — we can choose to let these things define who we are or we can use them as catalysts to prove what we’re made of.

“How can I see this as a gift?” or “What’s the positive I’m not seeing right now?” are questions that hack your cognitive response to adversity & force your brain to respond with positive answers even when it feels unnatural to, allowing you to focus on what you really want, not on any obstacle that is temporarily in the way.

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  1. Brilliant … honest, thought provoking and smoothly presented content from some really genuinely inspiring chaps with fantastic voices (and faces!) for radio/podcasts … highly recommended.

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